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This is all about my simple creation thru my imagination. I should classify as poor but weird plus interesting & fun.

Well, I’m not an expert honestly, but this is what I loved the most in my life. Ever since this is all i want.

This may not be perfect for you but I’m very happy for all of this. Baking, cooking & etc are the simplest way for everyone. But not all are quite interested on it. But you can try.!

My specialty? nothing in particular. Whatever comes in my mind whether it is good or bad as long as can be eaten….COOL.

When Jaime Oliver a renowned Celebrity British Chef praised one of my work, WOW! that was AWESOME. I can’t even explained how i felt at those moment.

The thing is i don’t like to eat that much but i just loved to cook, bake & share what i learn thru my imagination.


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